Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spring Cleaning Progress II....

Sigh.  I've been trying to make space for that hall desk downstairs in the dining room, which also happens to be my workroom, and I've a lot of hobbies that take up a lot of storage space.

The whole of the last 2 days have been a total farce: I have an old wooden filing cabinet, that needs space to open the drawers.  So, I moved the metal shelving (now empty as it's contents are upstairs in the living room) to the left alcove between the window and the chimney piece, which involved moving the contents of the wooden cabinet, and also a load of homeless stuff on the floor.  It didn't look good, so I decided to put it in the right alcove, and that would mean moving canvas covered shelving (and contents) but it wouldn't come out because of the other shelving on the back wall, so I had to move that (and contents) only to find that whilst the alcove was 95cm at the front and the back, it was only 92cm in the middle arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it didn't fit!

So the metal shelving went back to where it belonged initially, the canvas covered shelving went into the left alcove (which is a bit big for it so it sways sideways), one of the units from the back wall went in the right alcove, which meant I was now lacking a sidepiece for the back wall remaining units and had to make another trip to Ikea (the only bright side to this is I've got a family card and am racking up benefits on a per visit basis...) for the sidepiece and an extra shelf - rebuilt the two back wall units, shuffling them along towards the alcove, leaving space at the end for, yes the blue cabinet. 

So it now all fits in, there's space on the chimney breast for the hall table from upstairs and all of the original contents plus some homeless stuff has now made it into the storage - leaving a small pile of homeless stuff plus some paperwork to be sorted, plus a whole load of stuff to go onto ebay or to a charity shop where the hall table will be going - so it can't come downstairs until that's done.

I'm shattered! I wouldn't mind but I did measure it all, and still ended up taking everything out and putting it back...  I would say never again, but if only!!!!

One downside is that my 'designwall' is now split into 2 uneven parts.  But if it means less stuff on the floor to fall over, I can live with that!

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