Wednesday, 7 February 2018

ScanNCut Project - How to design a Charley Harper style papercut Cardinal Bird in Canvas

Evening. I originally designed this bird shape as a papercut within the machine itself. However, as it turns out, I've not actually seen my camera since Christmas Day so I assume it's still at the parentals' house. So this project has been done using the Free Brother Canvas software to then be transferred to the machine for cutting. Eventually if I ever remember to ask the parentals, I may well have my camera back. But for now, Canvas all the way!

This Project uses basic shapes in Canvas to create a 3 colour papercraft Cardinal Bird in the style of Charley Harper, a mid 20th century American designer. If all goes well, it will look like this:
Charley Harper style Cardinal papercraft bird

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Design Your Own 1 - Papercuts - Designing Bridges, or, how to avoid confetti and unresolved designs!

One thing I've noticed from being in a variety of Facebook Groups to do with papercraft and the Brother Scan N Cut machine, is how many people are a bit flummoxed about designing their own images and cutting files. One of the key reasons for me choosing to buy the SNC was because, for the first time, I would be able to easily make my own designs and not be tied into buying someone else's.

So, this part of the series is to give some basic techniques and pointers on how to design your own images and cut files so that they
a. look 'resolved' - are pleasing to the eye, the design flows well and feels cohesive and finished, and also
b. work in technical terms - they don't fall apart into confetti or have layers that are impossible to match.

Here's the first one - this falls into the TECHNICAL side of designing your own images for the SNC - all about Building Bridges or Connections between the elements that make up a finished design.
White Rabbit by EmbellishCuts (currently available as a free pdf download HERE February 2018)

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Canvas - Altering Shapes - removing holes in shapes with Path Tool.

This has come out of a question the group was asked on Margret Teta Singleton's awesome Facebook Group called Brother Scan'n'Cut Users - find it here

So the person in question had this image:
I have no idea if this has copyright etc. I'm using it solely to show you an example of what I'm talking about. If anyone knows who owns the copyright, tell me and I'll credit them here.
So. the question was, what if you have holes in an image, and you want to keep some of them, say the eyes, but not others (apparently this is the islands of Hawaii across the abdomen).

I had a think. And a play in Canvas. And finally worked out why it was such a simple answer...

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Canvas - Draw your own shapes - Path Tool for straight lines and geometric shapes

Path Tool for drawing straight lines and geometric shapes

I started writing this post thinking the Path Tool would be quite limited, then by accident (mostly by failing to repeat the same actions and trying to do the same thing differently by mistake) found out that it isn't at all! So this post is going to have far more in it than I imagined, and it's sparking off all sorts of new ideas in my head!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Canvas - Draw your own shapes - Path and FreeHand Tools and Node Editing Overview

Ok this is going to be a sub series of posts initially.  Based on what I know and am finding out as I go along, this post is a basic overview - here is the plan:

1. This one , in three parts, about the Path (drawing straight lines) and Freehand (drawing freehand) Tools in Canvas. I do own a Graphics Tablet but it's upstairs, I've no stairlift yet and also, I've never used it, so all this is going to be on a laptop using the touch pad.

2. The Node Editing functions - these allow you to change the shape of a preinstalled pattern or one you've drawn with Path or Freehand Tools.

3. Using the Path Tool to make curved lines (you need to know about node editing to do this effectively, hence the order).

4. A quick and dirty way of getting your scanned in file to cut reasonably well using the Path tool and then a bit of node editing if the new line needs to be curved.

5. My current best effort on how to change the shape so that lines that joined up before, don't now. The example for this one is the pre installed NOEL word (Logo section in Canvas) where I wanted to work out how to stop the centre of the E falling out (it's in lower case...)  If I find a better way in Canvas I'll do another post but for now, this is the sum total of my knowledge!

Slideshow of all cards/ projects posted so far....

The tricky subject of ideas...

Feel free to use my work as a springboard for your own work for non-commerical use only: please credit me on your blog.


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