SnC Basics Index - The Machine

Brother Scan N Cut Basics for Newbies Series Index

There are 2 index pages, this one for the machine and the other one for using both Online and Downloaded Canvas Workspace HERE

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I add blog posts as I explore how I can use the SNC to do crafting I want to do. There's no schedule, I just blog when I've learned something new!

If you are brand new to the machine and haven't even opened the box yet, the posts 1. Box Fresh to 5. Links and Video Resources in the first section A- In the machine itself, that's where you should start. I recommend you read the manual, do the basic maintenance, learn to do test cuts, actually do some test cuts, cut a few shapes using 150gsm to 200gsm cardstock (as it's easier to get right, this is about what a quality topper pack would be, an actual blank cardstock would be around 300-350gsm) and then go to the Online Canvas Workspace and download and make a few of their projects. Once you've done that, you'll have a decent amount of knowledge to then branch out into other materials, techniques and your own projects.

List of Blog Posts about the Machine (and other posts related to the SNC)

How to:


1. Box fresh - setting up your machine and basic must haves HERE

2. Machine Software Upgrades - how and why HERE

3. Callibrating your Machine - keeping your LCD Touch Screen precise, your Cutting/Drawing accurate and your Scanning clean HERE

4. Test Cutting - how not to break blades and cut through mats!  -
    4a. All about Blades HERE
    4b. All about Mats HERE
    4c TestCuts are your friend - how to/ problem solving HERE
    4d Extreme Test Cutting - Flamingos HERE
   4e  Step by Step Test Cuts from scratch HERE
    4e Coping with the mat's changing stickiness over time (coming soon)
   4e. What sort of media is likely to cut well? what media needs additional care and thought (coming soon).

5. What next? Give me something to try my new skills on! How to Videos and Free Project Resources HERE

coming at some stage in the future when I have a clear table to put the machine on....
6. Using the Machine's functions - pre installed motifs - size & number

Then Using the Machine's functions - pre-installed motifs continued - flip & rotate, grouping, welding, saving to the machine, that sort of thing (order not decided yet nor exactly what fits in here )

Then, background scanning, and getting the machine to work out the layout for you to minimise waste paper.

Then Direct Scanning, Scan to Cut and Scan to USB - getting good scans, clean accurate cuts and problem solving.

coming at some stage:
1. Stamp making kit
2. Embossing (Brother's own Kit and Pollyanna's embossing tool)
3. Foiling kit 
4. Spatula and pick
5. Tweezers 
6. Brother Pen Holder
7. Universal Pen Holder
and other things as they occur to me.

There's unlikely to be stickers or rhinestones, I don't fancy buying them. But basically anything Brother has produced that you buy (and I've bought)

C. PROJECTS (that you can do)

1. Pop-up Card - Posy of Flowers Intro, Part 1, [Part 2, Part 3] 

2. Charley Harper Style Cardinal Bird Papercraft HERE - How to design in Canvas


1. Link to the August 2016 upgrade press release by Brother. Far easier to read than the Notification/ Update Release Notes! HERE
2. New Accessories/ Premium Features November 2016. Foiling Premium Kit and new Enhanced Imaging for Canvas and new additional pattern Collections (all for a price, nothing for free). HERE

In due course:

Review of Mel's DVD for CM600 by Create & Craft TV UK (sole supplier in the UK) 'From the Box to Confident'. The DVD is this one HERE. Review coming soon!

Review of Pollyanna's Embossing Tool & Mat (ebay UK seller) (Warning: using this tool this may invalidate your Warranty so no complaints to me!)

E. DESIGNING YOUR OWN SHAPES Design rules of thumb (skills you would learn on an art or design course etc, basics that help make your designs feel fully resolved and coherent)

1. Design Basics - Papercuts - making your Connections or Bridges part of your design (or how not to create confetti) HERE
2. How to decide what size card you need for the elements or shapes you are cutting out (part of a post I did on how to create cutlines to get the Machine to cut out elements from a preprinted cardstock instead of using an xacto knife or scalpel or guillotine to do it manually - it explains how I work this out) HERE see Steps 1, 2 and 5 in this blogpost. I didn't do it as a separate post, too late now!

coming eventually 
including how to get images into cut files, including layering for colours as well as how to make your design look how you want.

F. MY PERSONAL PROJECTS (designs I create from scratch from initial idea to finished item - using paper, cloth or anything else that can involve the ScanNCut in some way).

1. Hand Embroidered Mobile Phone Sleeve (using Paisley pattern motifs and Chain Stitch variations)
Stage 1 - finding inspiration, design constraints and choosing an existing design found online. HERE
Stage 2 - deciding what stitches I want to use - Chain Stitch samples HERE
Stage 3 - deciding what fabric techniques I want to use
Stage 4 - planning what cut shapes are needed and where they are going to be placed on the fabric
Stage 5 - cutting using the SNC
Stage 6 - assembling cut shapes
Stage 7 - embroidering
Stage 8 - constructing
Stage 9 - finished!

No idea what else, let's see what comes up!


  1. You are going to be my light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. awww what a lovely thing to say! thankyou

  2. Awesome, getting mine I. A week, I’m sure to use this blog, thanks.

  3. Read through some of your tips , thank you as a complete novice it's very helpful

    1. I'm so pleased it helps! I forget stuff, so I find if I blog about it, it sinks in better, and also, I can go back to the blog and follow my own tutorials when I forget!

      the machine is quite complicated but that's cos it can do so much!

  4. This is phenomenal! I am a brand new owner of a Scan n Cut and although I'm a self-starter and not afraid to try things, I like to understand the mechanics before I mess it up LOL Your posts have helped me understand how it all comes together. Thank you!!! So much!!!


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