Thursday, 11 March 2010

Block Lotto March - Liberated Log Cabin With Attitude

I was quite excited about the February Block Lotto, and got as far as a test alphabet but no further so I couldn't join in last month.  But this month I'm determined to do so: and it's Liberated Log Cabin With Attitude.  Rules are:
Bold - have at least one black & white or one black & one white piece in there.
Cool - use colours from the cool side of the wheel - blues, greens, purples
Scrappy - use leftovers if you can, solids, prints or multis, but predominantly cool coloured.

So, I raided my stash, and found that I'd forgotten completely about some quilting cottons that a friend of mum's gave me a while ago, plus some lightweight furnishing fabrics in the blues/greens/purples/greys requested.  Plus I've got a lot of oddments of a gorgeous wax batik fabric I made a dress from for a friend's informal wedding a year or so ago, and some ready cut square patches in the right colour I'd raided from Wendy's remnants bin (Wendy used to have a designer kids wear business, then moved into soft furnishings and is now making prototype leather handbags preparatory to selling them on the web.  They are to die for, when she gets it set up, I'll post a link).

Four hours later, I had acheived this - three Log Cabins more or less 12x12" (you cut them down to 9.5" at an angle when they're done) and seven Log Cabins that are about half way there.  I cannot decide whether I like them or not - I like all the fabrics I've used, just perhaps not together.  Maybe when they're all the same finished size....

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  1. I think they are looking great. Hurray for found fabrics and a project in which to use them. I'll bet you will like them more after you've tilted and trimmed them to a consistent size. (If not, remember they are going to end up being mixed up with everyone else's fabrics/blocks.)

    One of the side-effects of making Lotto Blocks is that it is a chance to try a new block, a new technique and/or a new color-way and find out if you like it ... or not.


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