Sunday, 14 March 2010

Leftovers from Block Lotto Liberated Log Cabin with Attitude

Sigh.  This whole project is supposed to be using up my stash, which has happened this month very successfully, but because I lack experience and didn't think ahead, I ended up with
  • large number of strips I cut from the stash unecessarily thinking I might use them but didn't
  • large number of part strips that were too small for the final layers, because I did all the blocks at the same time, so couldn't recycle part strips (next time I'll do two lots of chain piecing, I suspect it's less wasteful if you're doing lots & lots of blocks, or plan ahead).
  • 40 trimmed triangles made up of varying amounts of pieced fabric from trimming the blocks with Attitude (I played safe and made the blocks around 13" square to cut down to 9.5" square so these triangles were big!)
  • not actually using up many 'whole' pieces of stash fabric and quite a few pieces that I'd mostly used
A month or so ago, Sophie who runs Block Lotto posted this about 'strip fabric' she'd made then cut into blocks - so I decided to sew together the trimmed triangles into rough brick shapes, then intersperse them with leftover part strips sewn together if they weren't wide enough and full leftover strips to make up a load of extra blocks 'scrappy' style.  I ended up with 9 x 9.5" scrappy blocks from these leftovers:

Then I still had some really small bits leftover, and was wondering what size quilt I could do with 9 blocks (not very big) and decided to start another scrappy liberated log cabin, but this one for me, to build into a large 18"x18" + central panel that I could put the 9 blocks around (with sashing to make it comfortable) as what I really need is two light bedcovers that I can use to keep Ivor and my duvet covers apart on the bed.  The TicTacToe will be one, and I need another, and can practise/ learn on this one.....  Here is the centre panel (not quite finished):

Of course, 9 blocks are not enough, I'll need at least 12 if I want 3 on each side, or 16 if I want one in each corner too.  However, I have enough fabric for that.  Then I'll need to decide whether I do sashing in black or white.  I need sashing to get it to bedsize.  Initially I immediately think white as I like a nice bright & pale bedroom, but we shall see.

I still have some leftovers, but they are sufficiently few that they will fit into my scraps box (which is bulging, but not necessarily with fabric suitable for Block Lotto) or sufficiently large that they can go back into the stash.  Success! Of a sort, as I have now merely taken fabric out of the stash, and turned it from something not started into something halfway through. Oh dear!

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