Monday, 15 March 2010

Design Wall Monday - March Block Lotto's leftovers

Judy at Patchwork Times hosts a Design Wall Monday, I've been lurking for a month or so looking at the many and varied Design Walls posted, and have been inspired to make myself a Design Wall (by covering the shelving I use for craftstorage with some polycotton sheeting), and for the first time actually have something in progress that isn't a Block Lotto entry.  Just inspired by it.  So I thought it might be fun to join in.

Sophie of Block Lotto set us Liberated Log Cabin with Attitude this month in cool, bold & scrappy.  Being inexperienced I had a lot of bits left over, including the trimming triangles, so I made 9 blocks of bits and then a really big log cabin block for the middle, which isn't finished.  I need more blocks for the edges, at least 3 maybe 7, I have enough bits, the difficulty will be getting them scrappy as I won't have the trimmed triangles to start me off (unless I make some).

I am wondering whether I should make 3 scrappy for the bottom and 4 liberated log cabin for the corners (which will tie into the middle).  And for sashing maybe the bright turquoise batik rather than black or white - but first I'll need my calculator back, I left it at a friend's by accident at UK tax return time and haven't seen her since...


  1. Wow, very nice; I really like the blues. Striking! :)

  2. cool blocks so far...glad you joined Design Wall monday's, fun, fun.

  3. Go with the liberated log cabins in the corners, I think that would be neat! Love the colors too!
    Dara in IA

  4. What an interesting idea. I don't think I am that liberated, yet.

  5. Welcome to the design wall posting bunch! I like the colors.

    Hmm... options...after you make the three blocks for the bottom, I would play with the sashing colors and size to see how that impacts the quilt.

    Your center block has the strong circular motion. The side blocks also have a direction - how does the quilt look with all of those blocks going all horizontal or all vertical or horizontal top/bottom and vertical on the sides which creates movement around the center. So, the corners could be strips on a diagnonal which increases the movement around the center. Then, how does the sashing change the motion. You might decide you like the movement.

    It's the start of the spring storm season, so this is just reminding me of a vortex in action!

    Looking forward to seeing the final product.



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