Monday, 28 December 2009

365 Cards - Day 4 - Ad Inspired

Ok, so I'm slightly embarrassed about this set of catchups.... but on the other hand, today's catchup session does mean that I've actually finished all the cards from Week 1 of the 365 Cards Challenge blog. Yes, yes, I'd fallen behind that early on! I think the only week I actually did 7 cards in a row was in the Days 40-odd. Anyway this is for the challenge that showed a party table decorated in orange, black & white. I cut into a 12" square paper (no idea who the manufacturer is) then fussy cut the grey out and glued the whole thing onto some orange card. Which promptly buckled badly. So, looking on the bright side, it has a whole fairground theme (you know the mirrors that make you a funny shape) going on as well as the actual challenge. I'm hoping if I squash it between some books it'll go flat....

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