Monday, 28 December 2009

365 Cards - Day 303 - With a Flourish

With a flourish? Do I have any flourishes? Turns out I do, or rather did, have a piece of double sided 12" Bo Bunny Beau Jardin Harvest light card.... Amazing what you find in your stash when you're actually looking for something else entirely! Like black & white & orange colour scheme for a first month catchup (which will be posted shortly). Although I was a bit hesitant about cutting it up - it cost 85p and is therefore my most expensive card to date by far, normally I spend about 10p on a 12" square sheet chortle).

Anyway, last week I was mooching around the 365 Cards site and found a card posted by Tesas Scrap which I absolutely loved the shape of (and the card itself) so I followed the link she provided to a lady's YouTube video who runs a blog called HoneyHeads and who does a lot of 3-D cards. Both blogs are worth a look.

And ended up with this diamond shape card, which I made out of a 4"x12" strip of the 12" square piece, then fussy cut elements out from what was left and popped them on the front of the diamond, in front of the diamond and at the side.


  1. Your card is perfectly beautiful! AMAZING flourishes and I love all the dimension of it!!!

    You asked about linking in the blog - the easiest way to do it is to type what you want to call your link e.g. HERE, go to the place you want to link, mark and copy the adress, return to your blog post and mark your HERE, click the icon in the shape of a globe and a chain in your blog menu bar, past the adress in the box that will show and apply. Done. Try it out, once you've got the hang of it you won't be able to stop linking.... LOL!

  2. my goodness this is stunning!!! fantastic work :)

  3. Thud. That was my jaw hitting the floor! FAN-stinkin'- TASTIC! Love it! You go girl!


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