Tuesday, 25 August 2009

365 Cards - Day 177 Monogram

Today's challenge is to use a Monogram (initial) on the card.
I used a 5x5" card, my versacolour inks (white, brown), Royal Langnickel (Chocolate brown) and a Chinese (Shell Pink) inkpad onto brown parcel wrapping paper and some reddish brown cardstock offcut (from Puffin Crafts) - Royal Langnickel Clear Choice Leaf Decor Stamps, letter A as template (Art Blanche Merkin Upper Case Chipboard letters), Clippunch Alphabet template and Cocoa Promarker. All to give an Autumnal theme.

Really pleased with the white and brown stamping, not so happy with the Promarker, I got it fairly straight but it wasn't very dark.

Serves me right for not going downstairs to get my felt-tips out - but my landlord's 'renovating' the bathroom and so it's not easy getting to anything in the living room at present as I had to empty the bathroom and kitchen (bathroom leads off kitchen in London conversion stylee) into the living room to give him space to work. Today is the fifth day without a bath, second day having to handfill the toilet cistern and unable to use outside tap, tomorrow I will scream if he's not installed the damn thing...

And once he has, it's onwards and downwards to dealing with the burgeoning cracks and the damp in both rooms, some of which he's denying is damp, so this will be interesting! And I'm not too happy with the old wood (some a bit spongy) he's using for the bath framework.... Bet he leaves lots and lots of holes for the ants living in the walls and under the floor to get in - never mind dad's promised to come and seal everything once it's all done. So he won't need to come for months then chortle.


  1. Breathless prose! Goodness, I hope you don't feel the pressure of making a list of cards and feeling as if you have to do every one of them!!! I just love the subtlety of this monogram card--beautiful shadings.

  2. gorgeous card...the colors are fabulous..

  3. I love the colors and leaves! Best wishes on getting all the remodel finished!


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