Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ivy 3 - or is that the rightname?


The new cat's been limping for 3 days, I thought it might be arthiritis so I kept her in at night for 3 nights, then realised that one of her catfight cuts on her right fore leg seemed to be a bit hot, lumpy and dark looking: fearing an abcess I thought I'd better get her checked out.

So I phoned the cat shelter who also run a vet clinic, and bought a cat carrier (only £10) and made an appointment for the afternoon.

I managed to entice her into the cat box by using a combination of catmint and nibbles, and after a worrying few minutes when she tried to dig her way out, all went well. We arrived way too early for the appointment, but that was good as they were running early anyway.

The good news is that it's a very healthy cat, apart from the festering cut for which antibiotics have been dispensed; the bad news is, well not bad, so much as embarrassing, she's not a girl cat at all, she's a neutered boy cat!!!!!

I am sooooo embarrassed!! I was a bit worried that it'd turn out to be pregnant and have sudden kittens all over the house. So that's fine! It does explain why it's been so feisty and managed to get so beaten up/ do so much beating up of the neighbourhood cats though.

I did think the rear end looked a little odd for a girl (I didn't look very closely but it looked like 2 holes to me, a bit far apart with small furry bumps in between that didn't look quite right for a girl, but there you go!), but it turns out I'm not the only one that gets it wrong, the vet (perhaps he was just trying to make me feel better) said a lot of people make the same mistake, especially if they don't realise the cat is neutered, but he also said that the 'jowls' give it away - I felt like saying I've got jowls and I'm a girl, but I thought I'd better not!!!!

So, the question is, can I continue to call him Ivy????? Or is it going to cause huge confusion at the vet? Is Ivy really a feminine name/ plant?

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