Friday, 29 May 2009

365 Cards - Day 90 - Two Colours

It's funny isn't it how a challenge can completely throw you: I usually only use two colours (or shades of two colours) so this one should have been a walk in the park (especially after the bi-colour papercut posted yesterday), but actually deciding what to do was really hard.
I suspect I find it easier when the subjectmatter or elements are the challenge as that takes all the thought out of it?

Anyway I decided to use some of the leftover backing paper I'd used for Day 81 Squares challenge and some raw blue (also from the Hobbycraft bargain sugarpaper pack: if you're thinking I don't have any other paper, I do, but this is out on the table, so it's easier to just use it that ferret around in the stash), and use the same Cyan blue Versacolour ink as I did in the backing paper.

On the right hand side the four squares read 'LOVE' but the bright sunlight dulled them out, in reality they're a lot clearer, the lettering is the Royal Langnickel Random Alphabet which isn't the only one I've got, but I've fallen in love with using it (and it's out on the table...). The heart is from a stamp set that comes with the Fiskars Easy Stamp Press - which I've not used yet as I've not done any large designs, but I will.... one day.


  1. love your take on the challenge! gorgeous colors!

  2. Very unique card. Love these colors!!! I have to go and make mine yet before my manicure appointment. I have to badly busted nails to have remedied!!!

  3. Love the colours you have chosen. Nice take on the challenge today.
    Michelle M

  4. wonderful colour combo, I love the raindrop effect, fantastic

  5. i also love the colors!! :D


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