Thursday, 28 May 2009

365 Cards - Day 86 - Grape Fun!

Over on 365 Cards it's Cutting Cafe week. A website with a great idea - you buy digital files of images and print them out (and colour them in) instead of having rubber stamps.

Today's theme (or rather Monday's theme, as I'm catching up) is to have grapes or 5 circles on a card, which has to be predominantly purple.

On Tuesday I went to the Horniman museum in South East London with a friend and saw an exhibition of Wycinanki (vee-chee-non-kee) Polish paper cuts. These come predominantly from two regions - Kurpie (usually one colour) and Lowicz (multicoloured). Amazingly they use hand sheep shears to do these! and thin shiny paper! It's well worth googling the subject, from the volume of hits, I think the American school system has it as an art topic at some stage.

So, I have trashed the Polish cultural folk art heritage and done a papercut of my own: in purple and yellow sugar paper from that Hobbycraft bargain bumper pack: with a main yellow papercut (fold paper in half and half again then cut out like you did snowflakes as a kid) then with a layer of purple then yellow then the purple dots - of which there are 5 including the one in the middle.

It's a bit lopsided, but that adds to it's charm. Honestly, it does!


  1. Neat take on the challenge...that is some fancy scissor-work!

  2. Very cool technique. And to see something like that and then go home and try it! WOW! I am so proud! LOL


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