Monday, 25 May 2009

365 Cards - Day 80 - You're so plaid

Hmmm, plaid. Turns out I've got quite a lot of it, mostly in the English Paper Company's 144 sheet bumper pack used for yesterday's challenge - there's a very nice plaid background with gingerbread men on top.... But I chose to use this green one instead. Which I think is probably English Paper Company also, but a 12" sheet. Or rather small bits of two x 12" sheets.

And I've used model railway grass/flock on 4 of the trees. It's a bit tricky to explain what this looks like, it's like very small bits of wood, coloured pink, yellow and dark and light green. And is an absolute pig to get it to stick down thick enough even with lots of PVA.

The sentiment inside says Peace on Earth and is flocked using the model railway grass - well I say flocked, it's very badly patchy flock so there's no photo of it - I need to get the PVA out again....

As usual, it's a 5"x5" card. It's also not a washed out turquoise, it's dark and mid greens.

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  1. fantastic colour choice, and greata for christmas, just to mix it up a bit.


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