Monday, 25 May 2009

365 Cards - Day 82 - Living on the Edge

Today's challenge is to decorate at least 3 sides of the card.
Which I did using the actual VersaColour stamp pads directly onto the yellow bargain Hobbycraft sugar paper. So goodness knows how long those pads will last now..... Anyway, colours used are White, Cyan, Green, Fresh Green, Lime & Lapis Lazuli
Then in the middle I printed the BladeRubber lizard (which is actually 'Katie Widger & Rubber Port' using Lapis Lazuli VersaColour, which came out a bit faint, so using a tip from Francoise Read's Rubber Stamper's Bible, I stamped the Lapis pad onto an acrylic print block and using a 00 paintbrush, filled it in to make it darker.
It's another 5"x5" card.


  1. I love what you did with this challenge. Very cool style that you have. As far as my blog, the background should be black and the text light pink. I have had a few blogs that I could not access, or the text came up where I could not read it. Try highlighting my type and see if you can at least read it, if you are interested in reading the words. Or, if there is a card you like you can email me that you would like more details about it. I hope everyone is not having problems. I have taken some links off my blog even to try and help the issue. I am going to go and shorten the amount of days aloud on on page, can you tell me if that helps you get in to my blog??? Thanks and have a great week. Hugs, Kristen.

  2. fabulous job on the edge challenge!! Great choice of colors!


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