Saturday, 18 April 2009

365 Cards - Day 47 - Scor-It PopUp Card

It's still Scor-It week, and today's challenge is a Pop-Up Card. I did a mockup of the example on the 365 Cards blog but couldn't think of what to put on the popping up bit. So that particular popup card's parked for a while. My entry is a little experimental, I was ambling around the inter-web and saw some Kirigami cards, one of which (and I can't find it again now) was a single spiral cut out of the card front itself and glued onto the inside back of the card. But to just do that would be cheating, so I cut two spirals out of the front and one out of the back of the double sided self decorated paper to see what it would look like.
Which didn't really work as I didn't have quite enough turns in the spirals and started them in the wrong place, so it doesn't lie open & flat and it doesn't look great when fully closed. And I'm not convinced the double-sided colourway really works either.

But at certain angles ie half open (or with your eyes closed chortle) it's really rather fine.... It's quite interesting to look through.

The self decorated paper is gouache on heavyweight watercolour paper, which made it difficult to make spiral cuts neatly (ie they aren't), but it stands up nicely (or would if it didn't have a random crease in the back from the sheet being carelessly stuffed into a storage box)
VersaColour Peony sentiment on the back.
I'm going to mull over this one, with a bit of thought it could probably work as a card; so I might try again in a month or so.


  1. Wow Lois, you are always sooo creative with your this.

  2. I like your card - it's very modern and colorful!


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