Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bonus Cards I - Karen Marie Klip

I bought a sheet of Rayher's Karen Marie Klip Marine lazer-cuts quite a while ago (ok I'll be honest, I've bought several at various times and they're so beautiful I can't quite force myself to use them). I've got a forest sheet, and also some very cute tiny woodland birds (pheasants etc).
But today I did: using some trifold window cards (courtesty of the Easter Hobbycraft trip) and I used about half the sheet - I've got a couple of grassy clumps, three ships, lots of crabs, shells & seagulls, oh and pebbles and rocks left.
This one would be good with light shining through it I think.
Turns out Karen Marie Klip is a danish designer very popular in Europe with dedicated shops. Nowhere near me luckily for my pocket! Her website's in Danish but it's worth having a look at her 'fine' paper catalogue for ideas & lovely lovely stuff.

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  1. I left you something on my blog Lois


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