Monday, 30 March 2009

365 Cards Day 11 Giving It All You've Got

I'm not hugely convinced by this one: I like the background paper, I like the origami fish, I like the metal rings; but do I like them all on the same card?

I was aiming for a stylised busy acquarium, but I feel like I've achieved paper olympic fish - it's the metal rings....

I tried: filling the rings with the same papers, didn't work. With a sentiment, didn't work (although that might be due to me only being able to think of 'hello'). I sorted out my entire button & bead stash thinking maybe it's because they're all the same size... but couldn't find 5 buttons in these colours, and the beads were too small or not flat enough.

And gave up, it is what it is; but it might get cropped before it gets sent..... Maybe it'll grow on me?

Materials used:

Backing paper from that show deal 'fill a box with paper for 5GBP and get the lot'. Has a nice tinsel inlay.

Origami papers brought back from Japan for me by a friend. Strange feel to it, it's not like a smooth laid paper (like copier paper), it's got an almost fabric like texture - it feels like thinner but stiffer disposable banqueting roll-cloth, the one you get at expensive but 'not quite posh enough to have real table linen' formal dinners.

Which reminds me, I've got quite a lot of place-sized pieces of that sort of disposable roll-cloth - depending on who I'm with (they have to be pretty unembarrassable, not an huge problem with most of my friends lol) and the quality of the group's table manners (trickier), I usually tear off what we can reach and take it home - I wonder how easy it is to colour? I'd not thought of using it for origami before. Although the purloined tablecloth is a bit bouncier so maybe it wouldn't hold the creases? Anyway, I digress...

It's quite rough on the fingers but folds well, is quite forgiving of mistakes and 'jumps' into the final shape really nicely (as long as your folds are on the right side - if not, it's more resistant than the thinner laid paper).

And last but not least, the metal rings. I think they're the interchangeable faces from an 80s Gucci watch - my sister had one, wonder if she wants the rings from hers..... Mum helped a friend clear out her house to downsize, and there was a lot of stuff the charity shop wouldn't want, but I can use as 'found' items etc, including these. She has a very good eye for stuff I can use but which others would throw out.

PS to my sister - ho hum, mum says actually those rings are from your watch and not the house clearance, but she's convinced it's broken or lost, hence she's got them. So, ah erm, if that turns out not to be true and you still have it and were wondering where the rings are, I've still got 5 unharmed I can give back, and I can scalpel these 5 off this card and tidy them up, I only used PVA glue so I'm pretty sure they'll still work.... If they don't I can buy you some new ones somewhere. I really am very sorry!!!


  1. I think it's gorgeous - I wouldn't change a thing ;)

  2. Thanks Pam, although I might have to, I was talking to mum and it turns out those metal rings ARE from my sister's watch not from the house clearance.....

    So, I'm just hoping mum is right, and my sister has actually lost the watch, otherwise I'm in trouble!

  3. You are cracking me up! The card is perfecto! Those rings are too funny though, now that I've read the story behind them. Seriously, I'm laughing out loud about them. your card! And a Cricut is an electronic die cutting machine. It's made by Provo Craft. You have to purchase cartridges for it. (Talk about addictive?!) Back later....

  4. Great use of the origami!!! Fabulous job!


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