Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Progress is being made...

In my defense, I've moved house and had an operation since my end of August shame at not pushing forwards my plans to sell my handmade textiles, paper and plastic products online.

However, progress is being made. 

Designs have been developed into prototypes,
prototypes have been tested,
gorgeous working materials have been ferreted out of my stash and
some products have been made. 

Ideally that list should have ended 'lots' of products have been made.  Oh well, you have to start somewhere!

And today, an Etsy shop has been set up called Toot Hill Medley here.  I've drawn on my experience of selling unwanted clutter on eBay to develop my profile and policies (as in, there's no way I'm getting drawn into that sort of hassle ever again...)

The excitement!

So what's missing?

Well, I can't join the products to the shop or my Lois Designs blog until I've taken some decent photos, and I need to buy a tripod and make a light booth for that.... Apparently you can make a light booth from a cardboard box, white paper or cloth and table lamps - having just moved house with a judicious volume of stash (oh ok, lots of it), that I can do!

And I need to make a few more of each design to give my shop a bit of, well, interest and weight.

This also has to be balanced against my recovery from the operation and jobhunting for a lucrative day job as the textiles/ paper venture is a sideline to reduce my stash....

I'm still playing catchup with my friend Wendy - she's not just got her Etsy shop Jacksons Designs with a single bag, but also a new standalone website Beechnut Designs with three!  Way ahead of me then, but it's worth a look.

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