Saturday, 29 May 2010

Foxcubs - over a couple of weeks

These pics cover a couple of weeks, as I've been busy studying and then some sort of Vista problems stopped me accessing the blog (no idea why but it seems ok now, so am hoping it won't all just seize up!)

The first pic shows 5 cubs together, I've not seen 6 for a while, in fact I've only seen 2 or 3 at a time, I'm hoping they're just shy rather than dead, or coming out at different times.  The cat bowl is for water only, I'm not feeding them.  The third pic shows just one cub as that's all I see more or less these days - there seems to be one very brave or hungry one that is always out & about, but it could be successive cubs.

Last night I could distinguish (with difficulty due to the party noises coming from somewhere local, can't believe I had the window shut and could hear the drunken birthday speeches!) a lot of sounds of fighting for food of the cubs, so maybe the vixen's having trouble feeding them all - I find that hard to believe though bearing in mind the number of takeaway/fast food joints within 1/2mile and the personal habits of the average inhabitant (which appears to be - if you don't like it throw it on the floor and someone else will deal with it, even though you're standing right by a public dustbin.  Sigh.  Sometimes I hate living in a vibrant ethnic community).

Sadly, I missed a shot of all the cubs with the vixen sunning themselves on the lawn one day, I'll keep trying as it was a lovely scene...

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