Monday, 10 May 2010

Design Wall Monday

Not much progress yet on the Block Lotto TicTacToe blocks January win.  I've cut out the bottom white sashing to size and also cut out some doubledyed/batik solids for the four missing blocks (which will have white cut into them, so opposite of the other blocks), and I'm playing with cornerstones.

Apologies for the appalling light quality, the table is in the way and I don't want to move it by myself as it's a bit wobbly.  Antiques huh, who'd have them!

Anyway, the blocks are laid out vertically as red, orange, yellow, greeny-yellow, green, greeny-blue, blue, bluey-purple and purple (9 down) and 7 across.

The cornerstones have been tried out in various permutations of solids/patterns in the same colours as the main blocks are ordered, ordered backtofront ie the other way round, but I've sort of settled on complementary to the main blocks.

So green, blue, purple, reddy-purple, red, reddy-orange, orange, orangey-yellow, and yellow.  BUT I've not got the right solids cut with the right tonal values/colours yet, so the cornerstones that are up there are indicative and not going to be used in the main.

I'm also thinking  I'll use my double-dyed/ self dyed batik type fabrics, but don't have the right colours/tonal values for some, so will need to dye some more.

I'm also really keen on doing this month's block lotto which is curved free-piecing like reeds - in lime green and black/white or white/white or black or white.  Except I don't have any lime green other than some with pink on it which is the leftover bottom bit of my living room curtains and I'm kindof thinking I might need it someday.... So being unemployed and a bit poor, I don't want to go out & buy any more fabric, cos I've got lots (albeit not in the required colours).  The only solution I can see is to dye some - as I have white fabric and procion dyes.  So that'll have to wait too.

Which means the whole crafting thing is shelved until after my exam on the 19th, as I really need to get learning those cases - I'm now on my fourth pack of index cards - there's about 40 used for topic notes, and erm 200 for court cases.  I am so hopeless at remembering case names!! No hope!

The foxcubs are out & about and more wary so no new pics.  Ivor cat got a bit excited last night as one was nosing around the back door/cat flap.  I got a bit excited this morning as I retrieved various items from around the garden that normally live at the back door that the cubs had been investigating.  Sigh.  How one forgets the inconvenience of baby animals in one's life!

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  1. I remember seeing Jean-Sophie working on those. Fun block.

  2. That is going to be a fun quilt

  3. This is a real design challenge! It's fun to see how it evolves!

  4. What a Challenge! This quilt is turning very interisting.

  5. I am looking forward to seeing this quilt finished. It is really looking good on the wall.

  6. Wow! Never seen this TicTacToe before! Cool! 8-)


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