Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Foxcubs update

After playing 'kill the bamboo cane' Ivor heard the fox cubs
And refused to go anywhere nearer to them than the edge of the 'lawn' (it's a lawn cos it's got grass).  You can tell it's the edge of the 'lawn' as the weeds and bricks take over (don't ask)!

And here are the foxcubs.  They've stopped being charcoal and begun to get their adult colouring.  This week I've only seen three together.  BUT, there were 3 in my garden then 2 in the other garden, so I suspect that's five.  Maybe all six are still alive...

It was interesting watching two disappear into the foxhole in my garden, and pop up from the hole next door, and then play through the fence with the one that stayed in my garden.  None fell in the pond this time!
It's perhaps for the best that Ivor's a bit wary; there was a dreadful noise the other day and the vixen had chased him out of next door's garden up a 10 foot high wooden fence that's hardened and weathered to narrow points at the top.  Ivor looked very uncomfortable making his way back down off the top of the fence to terra firma: probably because I was laughing so much...

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