Tuesday, 27 April 2010

April Block Lotto - Wonky Shoo Fly

Somewhat at the eleventh hour, I've made 9 + 1 blocks for the April wonky shoe fly, and because I can't count (yep no surprise there) I made an extra two blocks from some 1980s Laura Ashley fabric.
And then because I didn't feel like doing studying, I made another 5 sets of the Laura Ashley which means I've probably not got enough left to make any borders/ binding etc (could do cornerstones) but will eventually turn it into a baby quilt.  But would anyone welcome a baby quilt in 1980s Laura Ashley fabric?  I'll worry about that once I've made it...

I'm thinking it'll be good practice for putting together the TicTacToe quilt. When I eventually get round to it that is!

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