Wednesday, 31 March 2010

V&A Museum London - Quilts 1700 to 2010 exhibition

Not sure if you are aware of this exhibition at the V&A in London, running until 4th July. Sixty Five British Quilts mostly from V&A's collection, some loans.  All gorgeous!

The website is great, and there's also an opportunity to submit a picture of one's own quilt (not that I've made any myself) and have it shown on the companion site Quilt of Quilts.  It's moderated and you get a certificate to say your quilt has been included, and I have to say of the 171 quilts that have made it through moderation so far, I rather liked some of them.  Not much liberated stuff there yet....  

They've even got a curator's blog! Amazing.

It's all part of the current mania by the powers that be in the UK to include the community in absolutely everything, all very well and good and I suppose I shouldn't be moaning because it's a good thing for museums to have lots of people visiting and being interested, but it's getting hard to swing a cat in any London museum these days, they're heaving with people and I miss the good old days of virtually having a room to myself all weekend!  Lucky I'm unemployed and can go when everyone's at work and it's just the tourists. Silver linings abound in all clouds!

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