Monday, 22 March 2010

Design Wall Monday - Another unfinished project...

I've temporarily taken down the scarily liberated log cabin stuff, as I want to think a bit more about the various suggestions.  Also, the table has been full of non-sewing equipment and I had to put the machine away, so I picked up a handsewing unfinished project for this week...

I started this one in the 1990s!  It's paper pieced and handsewn diamonds using sample book fabrics kindly donated to me by my then secretary (a lovely lady called Anne) whose husband was involved with the Swiss firm Joseph Offeln - the patterns are flowers, vegetables and stripes (you might need to click to enlarge to see this).  Unfortunately, I don't have much more of it in my stash, just oddments diamonds ready papered, and a 3/4" pile of the dark green ready cut out.  So, what now I ask myself?

I remember I was pieceing them to see how many variations you could get with one patterned one plain, and that's by no means exhausted.  I've just spent the last few evenings sewing the various components I'd already done together and finishing others.

Should I keep them all together, find some more similar vintage fabrics from my stash (or mum's I must remember to ask her if she has any of this stuff left...) and make a king size quilt and use them as medallions?  Split them into 3 flower medallions, two vegetable and one stripes and make 3 separate items? Or separate them all and make something a lot smaller in multiples?

All suggestions welcome.  Again I'll probably end up taking it down and thinking about it for a while.

I've got lots of other stuff I should be doing - maybe working on the liberated log cabin instead, or maybe the sewing 'favours' I said I'd do for friends (I've just been & bought a binding attachment for my Bernina as the fabric pieces/ sofa protectors I've been binding for a friend frayed so much and I'm fed up of washing it and finding it's not caught and it doesn't look good if you oversew it), or maybe the trust law studying I should be doing, or maybe more clearing out and decluttering of my house.  Or even the prototype products I'm thinking of making and selling (more of that in future weeks blogging). 

Adding to the list of things I'm getting bored of, is listing stuff on ebay.  Have done some of mine, and most of my parents (they're moving soon).  One joyous moment was finding these chairs in the cellar again.  Having thought I didn't want them, I'm now wondering if I really want to sell them after all....  so they've not been listed yet.

They're 1960s originals, I've got 4, but only 2 original covers. They're huge but gorgeous, called Krokus Easy Chairs by some long gone Swedish firm called Ulferts Fabriker in Tibro.  One weird thing is you can usually find a picture of anything and everything on the net - but not of these! It appears they are unique, but if anyone has ever seen anything like them before, I'd love to hear!  The same with a 1960s egg shaped table lamp I have listed - I could only find one pic on the net. Just one! Bizarre!!

If I keep them, I'll be making new covers which is going to involve some pattern-making and brain-strain! and those will be up on the wall for a while...

Check out what others are doing on  Judy's Patchwork Times blog. 

PS Yikes, I've just read Judy's Design Wall post - she wants us to post something that's been up since last week and had progress on!  I don't work that fast, it can take me weeks of looking at it and thinking to move on and have 3 or 4 that I take turns to pin up...  Oh well, I suppose as long as I stick to those 3 or 4 I'll be ok...


  1. they are cool stars and don't sweat the design wall stuff it can be the same stuff as long as it's what your working on is the key. I'm going to be having my One block wonders up there for a while, some things take longer to finish "cooking" :)


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