Friday, 25 December 2009

365 Cards - Day 299 - Keep it to yourself Holiday Card

OOO the excitement... No not because it's Christmas Day (although that is quite exciting), but because I'm actually posting a card on the Challenge Day (well 11th hour but still)!

Mind you there won't be much excitement later, I got a bit carried away with card making yesterday and didn't quite get round to making Christmas dinner. Nevermind, there's only me & the cat and we had our family Christmas last week in Northumberland so it's not like I'm going to be upsetting anyone special, hmm a new trend, Boxing Day dinner maybe? After last year's fiasco with the shot-filled pigeon, I'm playing it safe with a chestnut and mushroom suet pudding (much tastier than it sounds, from the Waitrose website)

Anyway, I digress, the card should be a holiday card without the sentiment on the outside

Which I made from two rolls of wrapping paper I got in the January sales (yes Waitrose again), I didn't actually buy it for cardmaking but they are very similar and just a slightly different scale snowflakes which adds interest. I've popped various elements, but a bit carelessly as the popping foam peeks around the edges. Lucky I'm not trying to sell my creations!



  1. that snowman it too cute!! Merry Christmas to you and your kitty :) we are having a nice quiet day with our two furbabies :) dinner will be whatever i pull out! lol

  2. Omgoodness....what a cute snowman!!!!! Thanks for playing with us!!

  3. the snowman is so cute! nice card. and merry christmas!


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