Thursday, 29 October 2009

365 Cards Day 3 Button Ribbon Flower

Right so, I'm taking catching up to ridiculously extreeme highs (or is that lows) - this challenge is from earch March... in fact the third day of the Blog Challenges (yes I'd fallen behind that early on!) And was to have a ribbon, a flower and a button on the card, or possibly a bow instead of the flower due to some initial confusion over instructions. I ended up going with all 4... And I'm really really pleased with it. I was trying to have a go at DT Gloria's famous crumpled edge flowers, but partly because I didn't actually look at them that closely and partly because I was actually watching a really good Hong Kong gangster film on BBCiPlayer (called Exiled - if you can get BBCiPlayer and missed it it's worth a watch - quite a lot of blood & gore but very elegant and a great storyline, but not for the fainthearted and not for children and available for another 6 days from today) they didn't turn out quite the same.....

I used Puffin Arts cardstock (some Dutch company) which is strong enough to make cards with so medium thickness, and messed around doing big circles with an embossing tool on the flower and radiating lines on the green leaf (yes the biggest light green circle is a leaf) over an upside down mouse mat. Probably not a kosher approach to embossing/ distressing - but it worked!
The button is out of my 'not sure if it's a replacement for clothes currently in my wardrobe' box, so I might regret using it at some stage. In fact I might go and check.... Anyway and some black linen thread that was already threaded through the needle I'd chosen in my needlecase. And the ribbons are a mix from the Crafty Ribbons bargain offcut pack, and other random ones that probably came off chocolate boxes...
It's 5"x7" and as ever no sentiment inside or anywhere else!
PS If anyone's having trouble with their ribbon stash DT Gloria has an amazing post on how she sorted hers out. I've followed it and now mine are all in one place, although I'm not brave enough to throw away ribbons under 1 foot long - unlike her!


  1. Since you mentioned Day 3 in the comment box on 365, I had to come see! I love this. The apparent simplicity is quite lovely. But I know you put much work into it. And I think blogging is for you--you are an essayist, a humorist! Love your remarks as much as your art!

  2. thanks so much Car. I know the ettiquette is to leave a reply on your blog (not my own), but I don't seem to be able to work out how to get there! So have settled for saying thanks here instead.

  3. I think you did a great job on your circle flowers. I just cut circles, spry them lightly with some water from a mister, crumple the heck out of them, let them dry, maybe sand the edges, and build a flower. LOL

    I'm glad my ribbon storage was an inspiration. And I did keeps some ribbon that was uner a foot...if I loved it. But I did try to toss ALL that was under 6 inches! Honest! LOL


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