Saturday, 31 October 2009

365 Cards Day 217 Stamped background

Catch up time again, and working from my brief list again, so when I post this one I might find it's not quite up to challenge! Anyway, what I think I'm supposed to have done in early October for this one is to stamp the background in the same colour as the cardstock. Which I've done. These are the leftover bits from the cardstock I printed up for the Day 245 Inchie challenge, because I started off thinking I wasn't brave enough to use the Inchie by itself. But when I tried the elements altogether, I ripped off the two layers of matting I'd mounted the Inchie on, cut a new blue one inch centre and added another layer underneath, and hey presto - another challenge card done & dusted!

Same materials used as with Day 245 Inchie card.

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