Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The cat I stole (maybe, maybe she just chose me)

A cat arrived in my house on Friday (my first day of freedom and unemployment whooo hoo) - I was having a siesta and was woken up by her chewing her way into the GoCat nibbles - now that serves me right for falling asleep with the back door open. Anyway I've been inadvertantly feeding her (as well as another stray of the same colour but with white socks for a few weeks).

Bizarrely this cat just ambled back in after I'd fed her and has barely moved since. She just follows me around the house & garden and I can hear her whingeing through the night as I've put her out.
I've followed Celia Hammond Cat Sanctuary advice (she's not on their Lost List) and put a collar with my number on in case she ever goes home, and will put up posters as she's so well behaved she's obviously a much loved pet and I don't want to steal her!
Eventually if she stays she'll need a name - Ivy because she's so clingy? any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I'd say you are one lucky gal to have her choose you, and she sounds like a sweetie.


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