Saturday, 23 May 2009

365 Cards - Day 5 - Quick Thankyou

It's been a while since I've made any cards, first I was tired from work, then I was ill, and then I was tired from other stuff. So I'm now horribly behind, but it gives me something to do when it's cold and wet outside and when there's no cycling on tv....

This is the card for Day 5 which I missed at the very beginning, but as I needed to do a Thank You card to the lovely people at the work I've just left (not sure who's most excited about that, me or them chortle) who gave me some seeds and some gardening gloves, and, an M&S gift card (and we all know what one of those is now)! My pak choi is just getting to harvest stage, so I'll be able to plant some of the seeds they gave me in the resulting space quite soon. All very exciting!

So, as it's nice & sunny outside, I decided to use the pack of toning orange yellow & red tissue Paperchase paper I've been hoarding for a good ten years. I used an orange on the base of the card and glued it down all scrunched up.
Then I took 10 little card price tags (22x35mm) and covered them in mid and dark red tissue paper - which look magenta and darker orange on the photo: their colour values did change when glued down due to the white background of the tags, but also in the photo itself.
Then I stamped the letters from Royal Langnickel clear stamps Ransom Alphabet in Versacolour Brown. Several times because it wasn't dark enough, and it still isn't but I got bored of overstamping. One day I'm going to find out how to make the stamping colours stand out..... but today was not that day!! Oh and the spirals I used to fill the two leftover tickets are from the Papermania Marie Curie Cancer Fund limited edition stamp set. And inside I used the same alphabet, but with Peony Versacolour - with no skill whatsoever and the U ended up a bit blotchy. After the photo I reprinted the U so it's not blotchy but much darker sigh..... Still I don't think anyone will care or notice!

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  1. Oh Lois, I've missed you! Welcome back and thank you for another wonderful post :)


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