Wednesday, 1 April 2009

365 Cards - Day 31 - Rounding the Corner

Rounded corners; tricky to do symmetrical corners without a corner punch; so didn't bother. Instead, cut a gatefold card into spirals with scissors, tidied up the spirals with scissors (I really really should have changed that blunt scalpel blade at that stage as those inside curves are a killer to cut neatly with anything, nevermind scissors) then redid the tidying as that's not quite what happened the first time! A lot of frustrating faffing around later, tidying up flattened arcs only to create a new one in a trickier place.... I was thinking of colouring the card, but decided I didn't need the hassle, and it might never get finished if I needed to leave it to dry.So I tried lots of different colour papers behind the spirals so that you could see spirals outside front and inside, then tried putting the paper inside so you could only see spirals outside all round, and then putting the paper so you could only see spirals on the inside (as I thought it might be a contender for the Day 20 Inside Out card, but I've got a better idea for that one which involves painting, so it'll take a while to put together) - but everything looked like I'd not really tried too hard because the white was so white - until I had a rummage in the 'rolls of big pieces of paper hidden in poster tubes on top of the bookshelf', and found this lovely gold paper from Paperchase that I'd bought years ago to use to make some Japanese stab binding notebooks (it looks really good behind that Japanese paper that's made with delicate spaces in it so the gold shines through).Eventually I gave in and changed the scalpel blade - luckily I decided to do this underneath a folded pillowcase, as I snapped the old blade which made a big hole in the cloth, and took 10mins to coax the new blade into place. Holes in pillowcase cloth - 6, holes in me - 0. Result!! One day I'm going to learn how to do that properly, it's a menace to life & limb...
I'm quite pleased with this one, it feels like a celebration card, and you can hardly see the hole hacked into one of the inner folds by the blunt blade....


  1. Wow...Neat take on the challenge!!!

  2. wow... so creative! Love what you did for the challenge!


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