Saturday, 28 March 2009

365 Cards Day 1 Sketchy Sunday

I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would, and it was much less scary than I feared. I'm going to try and use my own previously decorated papers as much as I can, and not to buy any new materials..... I really want to reduce the amount of stuff I have in the house before I turn into one of those sad news headlines 'Squashed flat by stash: council workers took 3 days to dig her out' etc, by actually using stuff, rather than throwing or giving it away, and these challenges have got me started!

Materials Used:
-Lining Paper (comes on a big roll, normal people use it on walls as an underpaper, it's really cheap, a nice thickness and takes a good colour soaking before falling to bits) coloured with acrylic paints using handmade sponge & foamboard stamps
-TissueTex (or normal tissuepaper, couldn't quite work out which) probably coloured with Procion MX fabric dyes runoff from a dye batch (you can also use them like powder paints - but use a mask when mixing as they're very fine granules and not great for your lungs).


  1. Very artistic! Thanks for joining us :)

  2. FABulous take on the sketch...such rich colors! I laughed about the "headlines"...don't we all have soo much "stuff"?


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