Monday, 26 September 2016

Using Thread - Less is More Challenge week 295

There was a challenge last week, to use Diamonds, but what with gallivanting and wotnot, I had the ideas, but they never actually got made. Maybe another time....

Anyway this week it's THREAD.

Ta da! Two cards with cross stitch in the windows.

How did I do this so fast? Well they were in my pile of things I've made but not finished... That counts right?

Fortunately, I've been sort of decluttering. And a few weeks ago, stitched up this free gift from a magazine from um 1997 lmao. Anyway, they came out far nicer than I thought.

So, yesterday I got out the glue and some ready made window cards in a nice linen finish, and got it the wrong way round.  Which does show off my lovely neat stitching at the back, but still, not what I intended!

Ooops! Fortunately PVA glue takes ages to dry so I just pulled it off, added more glue and stuck it back down again.

They also, now I see the pics up close, aren't quite as evenly mounted as I had hoped, but in real life I don't think anyone will notice! I could always put some sort of frame around them to hide the dodginess...  Anyway, I can't quite decide whether they are a bit stark, whether they need a sentiment or a bit of something else. However, they're like this right now, and are staying like this til I decide!

Used - thread provided with the gift kit from Needlecraft Magazine Issue 81 (1997) black, dark & medium red & salmon pink and their Aida 14hpi sparkly fabric. Cards are Craft Creations 69x 184mm double fold with aperture 35mm square. They have a lovely deckle surface to them ref AP66U HERE.

In other news, the local kids were curious about my Big Shot, so they all did one of these last week - it was a bit loud with 6 of them in my tiny house but fun!
This was before I got my mitts on some of that Post It Note Tape you guys at Less Is More told me about. So the letters went wibbly and moved cos my cutting pads are not exactly brand new and flat, but the kids were happy and what they don't know won't hurt them!


  1. I love these, so classy and striking in that tall format. I still have some of those sorts of cross stitch kits stashed away... you might be inspiring me to use them at last! Glad the local kids had fun, and what fab name plates. Great to see you again at Less is More :)

    1. Thankyou! I did intend to do last week's. I had it all planned, a kite with a wire tail and 'flying high' as the sentiment. All done as negative space. Sigh. Maybe one day....

  2. These look great! I have to say the back of your stitching is as neat as the front - I am very impressed :) A great CAS design and perfect for our theme at Less is More - thank you for sharing!

  3. I cross stitch and forget to use them in cards! Really fun samples!

  4. Superbly CAS cards! All that yummy white space really sets your fantastic cross stitching off. Your stitching on the back is pretty impressive too! I love that you have finally used those pieces on cards. I also have loads of those kits from magazines in the '90's. May have to dig them out too. Love the nameplates that the local kids made too. Thanks so much for joining us at Less is More.

  5. I'm sorry for the really late visit
    This is super, I love cross stitch and all that yummy white space addes to the stunning effect of the squares!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"


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