Thursday, 9 May 2013

Two more pictures on the wall

I don't know how it works in your house, maybe it's just me, but I buy artwork that I love, refuse the offer to buy it framed and then it just sits in a portfolio for days, weeks, months, years, decades etc.  Not any more for these two pictures!

As I was going into Newcastle anyway yesterday, I decided to tag on a trip to The Factory Framing Centre who are located in the middle of an industrial estate in the far reaches (at least that's how it feels to me, it's probably really central for everyone else) of the Quayside docks area next to the Tyne.  They are very helpful, and good value for money, hence the specific mention of where I went for the frames.

So, the night before, I carefully thought about what to take - and ended up with

(1)  my Christmas present from the parentals - an original ink/ watercolour/ gouache (not quite sure) painting of a windblown tree on a coastline signed by Sam Barclay dated April 1951.  I know nothing more than this about it, but I love the vibrancy of it, and it reminds me of the South of France, which is always a bonus in cold & rainy Northumberland! (above: bottom picture)

(2) a pencil/ charcoal sketch by one of my favourite contemporary artists, Tina Mammoser whose work I originally found through Etsy and whose website here I regularly stalk. Actually, I stalk Tina too in real life, but she takes it well!  I currently have her free digital monthly calendar sketches as my wallpaper on my laptop (you need to subscribe to her newsletter for this here). (above: top picture)

If only this was all there was to be framed!  I (yet again) forgot to take a gouache/ pastel on board Goldfish painting that I did on my Foundation Course more than a quarter of a century ago.  Which is annoying, but does give me an excuse to go back.

So, for the grand total of just under £20, I bought both frames, and they cut a window mount to fit each frame & the art.

Of course what I didn't do was think about tape to secure the art to the mount within the frame. Sigh.  Apparently I need some PH7-70 tape (this website explains it all here, but I didn't want to wait. Kudos to Helen Smith who runs Fflowers on Etsy amongst other ventures here (and whose glasswork I covet here) who suggested I used an additional sheet of blank mount board between the art & the backing, and it worked a treat! No tape required, and the art is protected from the hardboard backing.

My picture wall is filling up! I have a much greater sense of achievement then the whole thing actually merits!

In case you're interested what else is up there:

top row from left - Etching of Orleans Cathedral, Etching of Elephant, Aquatint etching of sepia Cloudy Sky, Russian papercut, and the newly framed Tina Mammoser's seaside sketch.

middle row from left: oil of Bowl of Roses by my grandma, second Russian papercut, Folio Print of Richenbach Falls, Etching of Lakeside, Etching of Treetops and the newly framed Coastal Tree.

bottom row: etching of Duck and a Riverside Scene in wax crayon (honestly, and it's really sensitive too).  Underneath that on the bookcases are family photos, a couple of bowls and that pesky fish from the Foundation that I always forget to get framed up.  One day....


  1. Your picture wall looks great! I'm exactly like you, won't pay the extra for the frame at the point of purchase and then spend ages with no frame...

  2. I'd love to see a close-up of the Russian papercuts.


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