Saturday, 27 November 2010

Vintage cards

It's been bothering me for a while that in all the life stuff that's been going on for the majority of this year, I've not been doing much creative at all.  So I woke up this morning and thought, hmm today, regardless of the challenge, I will do today's 365 Cards Challenge.

Which frankly just shows how little I've looked at the site this week, as it's Vintage week. 
I've never done a vintage card in my life!  If only I'd woken up and determined to do ANY 365 Cards Challenge from the last year, as I've only done about 2 so there's lots to choose from!  But being me, I didn't, and also being me, I'm sticking to my resolution.

There's a fun blog hop to collect the 10 elements - which I'm noting here so I can tick them off my list - Paper Piercing, Stitching, Button, DieCuts, 5x5" card, Stickpin, Stamping, Distressing, Dimensional Sticker, and Lace.  That's an awful lot of elements for one card, and most of my stash is in storage! I anticipate a poor quality result... involving a lot of cheating! 

But what I do have is lots of genuine vintage greetings postcards.  Which I've got in a pile ready to be cleaned up for selling on eBay or Etsy or wherever I think will get the most money.  And they're in a pile as I've got to clean them up a bit first - with white bread.  Yes, cheap white bread from the supermarket gently rolled over the surface will clean them up without the abrasion of an eraser.  As long as bits aren't coming off obviously, as it'll strip any loose bits.

So, I'm off to look at my collection of vintage postcards for inspiration - so expect two more posts today, one of my Challenge card, and one of my vintage postcards - I'm a great believer in sharing the agony!

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