Sunday, 11 July 2010

TicTacToe Block Lotto Quilt Progress

Well this is it! 7 blocks by 9 blocks (re)arranged in rainbow colours (violet, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo) with sashing in white and cornerstones in two toned complementary colours (yellow, green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow).

I learnt a lot - mostly that it's a good idea to make all your pieces of cloth the same size if you want them to match up! So, the cornerstones corners don't match with the block corners, but I don't mind so much, and the cat won't care at all!

My difficulty is now that it fits lengthwise nicely, but not quite widthwise as it is, and if I turn it on it's side, it fits well widthwise but is a row out lengthwise.  So, do I add two more rows to make it 9 by 9 blocks so it'll fit the bed fully? And if so, what with?  Blocks that have coloured backgrounds and white crosses? In the same colourways as the rows? Or do I do a coins border as originally intended?

But if I make it bigger, I don't think I've actually got floorspace big enough to lay it out to back it - it only just fits the lawn now (because of my veg patch and the rotary washing line).  But I could solve that by going to the park and laying it out there to pin and tack it, loads of space in Greenwich Park!  I just need the heatwave to carry on....

Check out what everyone else has on their design walls (or lawns) at Judy's blog here.


  1. I like this quilt alot! I'm always wanting a quilt to just be one row larger in either direction-I don't know why that happens so often

  2. Fun! So much to see in this quilt!

  3. I think a coin border would give you the length you need sideways if it is only 1 row short. I think it is always better to add 1 than 2. If you do color blocks with white crosses, wouldn't you have to do it like a border all the way around to make it look right? The simplest way would be to add coin border. Either way, it is a fun looking quilt. As for space, ask the local school to use their gym floor. Lots of teachers are quilters and will help.

  4. Yes, I really like the quilt. Just fresh and fun!

  5. I couldn't help but laugh at your lack of space, I always have that problem, too. I remember Alex Anderson saying "just put it on the floor to pin baste it." I don't have a 90x90 empty space, anywhere. What I did do once was go to a school that had large tables in a classroom, put tables together and got it pinned. I guess that was one of the reasons I decided I wanted a HQ machine/frame. Love your quilt!

  6. What a great looking quilt! ROY G BIV makes a great colorway (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet). I have to "rent" floorspace at my mom's for large quilts as she has hardwood floors and I only have carpet, but love your idea of taking it to the park!


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