Tuesday, 29 June 2010

English weather

What with the depredations of the foxcubs wearing out the lawn and rolling and trampling all over my flower beds - pretty much destroying any chance of flowers from my evening primrose, red hot pokers, seedums, jasmine, crocosmia, monbretia, agapanthus et al. 

And the mini-heatwave coming on top of very little rain, and as it was so hot in the bedroom at 4am I decided to get up and water the whole garden. All of it. Even putting more water in the pond.

So, 2 hours later, vowing to buy one of those lawn sprinkler things, get rid of some nettles and buy some loppers to prune some rather large branches I brained myself on - I come inside to post yesterday's pics of the foxcubs and what happens?

It starts raining!

I'm just very thankful I did all my washing yesterday and it was so hot it dried in half hour.

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