Monday, 19 April 2010

Design Floor Monday - Block Lotto TicTacToe progress

Well, well, well, it's amazing how much time you can spend with so little to show for it!
I've made another 9 blocks to even up the colourways and reordered the blocks I won into an arrangement I like - although I need 4 more - and sewn white sashing on the right of each block.  I've also cut a pile of sashing for the bottom of half the blocks.

The pic is me standing on a chair with natural daylight with the blocks spread out on a duvet cover on the floor - not a great pic as a result, as the colours look a bit washed out.  Still, I managed to do it and get them back on the design wall in their correct placesyesterday  BEFORE the cat wandered in for a whinge about being bullied by the fox cubs (at least I assume that's what he was bitching about, it was a bit early to be bitching for his dinner).

Talking of foxcubs - I saw six last week, the guy in the flat upstairs next door nearly fell out of the window telling me he'd seen 4 at the weekend, and I saw two today - they've gone from charcoal black to a soft sandy red, they're bright eyed, bushy tailed and, finally, have stopped falling into the pond. Phew!  They have also developed awareness - so whilst last week I had to move otherwise they'd walk into me; this week, they're running away into their den if I come too close.  Quite right too, don't want them too habituated, although I'd like to get close enough for a pic....  to do that I'd have to do some gardening, and I don't quite have time. Sigh.  If only my garden was as tidy and organised as Judy's - check out her garden and the other design walls here.

This is what they looked like last week:


  1. The tictactoe quilt is marvellous! A one-of-a-kind!

  2. I went back and looked at the post with your plan for these blocks and I still like it. But, I know how when you have the blocks made and in front of you, it can affect your design process.

  3. I dearly LOVE that quilt! I must make one.......after I get to work on my 3000+++ UFOs! Seems like that many, anyway.

    Love the fox cubs, thanks for sharing them!


  4. For your cornerstones, how about half x's and half o's. More work, of course, but it would be so cute!


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