Sunday, 28 February 2010

Block Lotto - January TicTacToe Blocks

They've all arrived safely (more or less) - the UK Post Office chewed one up and spat glue that's gone hardish on one or two of the blocks in an envelope that probably had the fewest miles to travel! Still I'm pretty sure I can clean it up (it's the pansy one in the very bottom left of the pic, you can just see the grey marks in reality but probably not in the pic....).  It's so exciting to have them, but rather scary too.  I won't be making it up for a while as I've done a To Do list today and I've got quite a lot of time-critical financial/freelance stuff etc to sort out first, but that just gives me more time to plan.
Please forgive the boxes at the bottom, mum & dad are moving so I took a load of stuff from theirs that I should have dealt with years ago.  Also I helped friends move house this month and it was a very traumatic experience for them as they'd not cleared out during the couple of years the house had been on the market, and left it very late to pack - so, I'm now in the process of checking everything I own, shelf by shelf, box by box, littered floor by littered floor (lol) and if it's not beautiful or useful (per William Morris) it's off to charity or Ebay with it....  I seem to be constantly in a state of getting stuff out, deciding then not quite getting it out of the house and I feel like I'm drowning in boxes at the moment.  I need to clear some space!

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