Thursday, 21 January 2010

What's on Your Desk Wednesday (WOYWW)

The lovely Linby has found a site which encourages you to post a pic of your workspace on a Wednesday. Which I find a strange but curiously amusing and attractive idea. Yesterday was Wednesday and Ivor was obviously feeling better as he leapt up into the space normally taken up by my Trusts & Estates Diploma files (normally there's no space at all in the shelving!)

There's no point in taking a pic of my actual workspace desk as it's my dining room table and so instead you get a pic of my textiles/ threads/ studying & tax technical/ card making supplies. As you can see (and that's only about 2/3rds of it), I've a lifetime's worth of supplies to get through!

One of my Unfinished Projects is to hem some cloth and velcro it to each of the three units to hide it all so that I can have friends round for dinner. I bought the velcro a couple of days ago (it's in the paper bag above Ivor's head), so now all I need to do is work out which fabric to use... I've found a blog called Block Lotto which is rather enticing, I could learn lots of different blocks, make some and whatever I don't submit for the lotto (or even win from the lotto, yeah right!) could be used to make up the unit hiding cloths. Especially if I used the leftover fabric from the pink/orange/purple curtain.

Or I could just use plain white sheeting then it will actually happen!

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