Friday, 25 December 2009

365 Cards - Day 296 - Wreath

Still in the right week, but three days late... This challenge was to make a wreath card, I've bought a couple of sets of stamps from the Rubber Stamp Tapestry range - this one is Shell Border SAQ00001. It has 6 separate stamps, 3 large shells, a seaweed and 2 small shells. I'm not too convinced by the colour ways, but it turns out I don't have quite the range of stamps pads I thought I did.... Serves me right for trying out new colour ways!

Anyway, this is a great opportunity to use this set (which I've had for a couple of months) and whilst I think I could have done with a bit more practising to get them pointed in a less random direction, I really enjoyed it.

I used the circles from Fiskars circles template and stamped inside them so that I didn't have to draw a circle and rub it out again. But it took a couple of attempts and increasing circle sizes and looking at it in the mirror upside down to get it looking balanced - like Topsy, it just growed!

PS I am ridiculously thrilled to have won one of the Top Trio Card of the Week Blinkie Prize for this one. How exciting! and unexpected.... Maybe I should do more cards on the right day after all, na, it's a once in a lifetime experience I think!


  1. fantastic wreath :) and i luv the stamp set you used!

  2. I think this card is fabulous, Lois - and I so enjoyed reading the details of how you created it!!

  3. great card - often seen those stamp sets but unsure I would get such a good result!

  4. Lois,
    This would be beautiful framed for someone's beach house. Love it.

  5. It's beautiful, great technique and lovely stamps! Congrats on making the top 3!!!

  6. congrats for making the top three!! :)


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