Thursday, 31 December 2009

365 Cards - Day 16 - Sunshine

I made this paper back in the summer for an exploding box card that I did for mum's birthday, which I finally sent to her a couple of months late, but didn't post in case she saw it before it arrived. Eventually I'll go home & take a pic & post it for the relevant day but not yet, there's too much ice & snow on the roads. Anyway, I got a thin sheet of cartridge paper and pasted one half in torn up and one half in cut up pieces of various shades of red/orange/yellow tissue paper (a co-ordinating colours pack from Paperchase that I've had for over 10 years). I used most of the paper for mum's exploding box, but have taken some of what's left for this sunshine catchup card.

The backing is part of the torn paper half, and the lettering is part of the cut paper half, which helps make the word stand out. I think. I hope.

You can take a piece of acetate/thickish but bendable plastic and paste the tissue paper straight onto it with diluted PVA glue, then peel it off when it's totally dry, which gives a translucent quality, that you can also stitch on.


  1. Paperchase paper 10 years - bah I have had some more like 15-20!!! when they were only in London I used to drool over that shop, now I hardly ever go in! I too will be slowing down as I need to get my dissertation done, just waiting on some research and then it will be head down.
    Linby x

  2. Your about me made me giggle I have a more mixed stash to use up but find having it just as much a pleasure. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.


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