Sunday, 12 April 2009

365 Cards - Day 43 - Scor_It Sunday: Making a Gift Card Holder

Hmm never heard of a gift card holder! Wonder what it's for, other than giving away - do you put a card you've made in it as a sort of extra wrapping? Or maybe money?

Good tutorial at though.

Being a bit thick, I couldn't work out how the last bit goes, so after a bit of faffing thinking the big piece of folded card would have it's fold on the right and the pocket being ridiculously badly fitting, not like Pam's pics at all, I worked out the fold probably should be on the top, then the pocket slips onto the bottom of the front, with flaps wrapping round to the back (which frankly just shows that I'm a creature of habit, I only have top folds if I've glued my card together without concentrating).

Then when it stands up there's a pocket to put something in. But at the sizes we are using today, what? It only stands 3.5" high by 4" wide.

I've had another look at Pam's blog tutorial - it looks like the pocket is on the inside from the punch pic? So I got it wron, but if so, what is being held and where?


  1. Hi. I read your post and a gift card is like a credit card that can be spent at stores. So, your size is right. It looks good to me except you do put the fold on the inside to hold the gift card.

  2. Lol - Lois you are so funny - I should have put a picture on my blog of what it looks like on the inside with a card in there. Still, I think you did a great job following the tutorial :)


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