Saturday, 11 April 2009

365 Cards - Day 37 - Do It Yourself

This challenge involved decorating your own Chipboard: not the sort you use to floor your loft or to temporarily block up broken windows which is a bit thick for cards! but is apparently a thin-ish grey board sometimes called papier mache board.

Of which I have none; and after an extended (and expensive) trip to Hobbycraft, I still didn't have any, as they only had already decorated chipboard embellishments. What I do have a lot of is the cardboard that backs A4 lined paper pads, which together with some already painted acrylic orange cartridge paper and a scalpel........
turned into an homage to Ben Nicholson's white reliefs of the 1930's, if you don't already know his work, he was a contemporary of Barbara Hepworth (married to her) and of Henry Moore and was heavily influenced by Mondrian's work:
And after the Hobbycraft trip I now have a couple more stamps, a Fiskars Easy Stamp Press so I can line up those pesky sentiments a bit better, and a lot more blank cardstock as it occured to me I wasn't going to get very far on a 365 Cards project with only 5 blank cards in the box!

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  1. I always enjoy your takes on the challenges!


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