Saturday, 4 April 2009

365 Cards - Day 34 Eggs-ellent II

...But there was a lot of paper left after the first three, so I thought I'd push it & have a go at seeing how many 5'x5' cards I could get out of 3 sheets of 8'x8' paper...

The answer is an huge SIX!!! With a single leftover scrap of 3'x2'. Result!The three done with leftovers get more and more fiddly as I had to cut more to get the coverage:the first one is the broad blue stripe flanked by green borders (top) the second one I cut what was left of the green & blue into 1cm strips and alternated them (the stripy one above), then

the third one needed some serious patchwork which happily lent itself to having the cut out egg that didn't work on any of the other cards plus two egg shaped trimmings (below).My camera bizarrely changed the colours of each card - the true colours for all the cards are the blue with yellow borders in the first post, and the patchwork one in this post above.


  1. Very clever. And wonderful that you were able to get so many cards.

  2. were able to crank out tons of cards!! Great job!!

  3. wow. These are really neat. I love the colors and the pattern on the paper. so great!


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